Imani  Unltd  is  your local community  supplier  of  new and  used clothing, bric a  brac, household  and  gift  items. 

 When  you  are cleaning  out  your  closets  and  wondering  what  to  do with  your  items you  no  longer  need/want.  We  offer a consignment  service. We  will  take  your  clean  and in  season  clothing  and  small  household  items,  sell  them  and  give  you  a  %  of  the  sale.

When  you  shop/ support  Imani  Unltd  you  not only  help  us,  you  help  people/organizations  in  our  community.  We are  donating  100%  of  the sale of  items  with  pink  tags  to  four  local  community  groups/organizations  that  are  helping people  in  our  community.  It's  all  about  recycling  the  $'s. We also collect Box Tops for Education and other things like  this for  our  schools.  Stop by  and get some coupons to help save  on  your food  bill. 

Stop  by   and visit us  Tuesday,  Thursday, &  Saturday 12 noon 6pm  for a great   shopping  experience.  We  have  something  for  everyone's  budget  and  need.  Come  check  out  our  new $1.00  item  area.  You'll  be  surprised what  you  can find.

NOTICE:  This week all  red and  yellow  tag  clothing  are priced 50% off. This will  be Tuesday,  Thursday  & Saturday October 17, 19 & 21.